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The continuous research for increased safety in systems and attention to the environment have allowed EFFAST to design valves and fittings with materials suitable for even the most demanding fields of application and for more aggressive environments, always respecting the best quality standards.
EFFAST has developed a wide range of products to meet the needs of its customers thanks also to the versatility of the plastic components that are able to resist chemical aggression, high temperatures, and corrosion.

Industry - EFFAST - 100% Made in Italy
Water treatment - EFFAST - 100% Made in Italy


The treatment and purification of water always requires a greater number of solutions since water is now an essential and precious element.
EFFAST guarantees certified high efficiency piping and valve systems with a wide range of products suitable for any type of treatment.

Water treatment - EFFAST - 100% Made in Italy


The marine sector involves a continuous technological and environmental challenge. The need to make boat structures less heavy, and the continuous search for materials that are not subject to the aggression of salt (NaCl) means that systems made of thermoplastic material play a fundamental role in this sector. EFFAST products of certified plastic materials fully meet the most stringent regulations in the sector.
Marine - EFFAST - 100% Made in Italy
SPA - EFFAST - 100% Made in Italy


The best SPA and wellness centers subject to current regulations always require greater control over the quality of the water inside the tanks. EFFAST offers a wide range of fittings and valves in certified non-toxic material for the construction of the systems. These materials allow the transport of water at high temperatures and guarantee high chemical resistance in order to also avoid problems due to corrosion and at the same time limit maintenance costs.
SPA - EFFAST - 100% Made in Italy

mining industry

The mining industry allows both the extraction of mineral and energy raw materials and requires structures capable of resisting very high levels of chemical aggression, mechanical shocks, and abrasion. EFFAST is able to provide ideal solutions both for the transport of material subjected to UV radiation and for the transport of aggressive liquids. The plastic material also allows a huge decrease in the weight of the implants.
Mining - EFFAST - 100% Made in Italy
cooling - EFFAST - 100% Made in Italy


Cooling systems are essential not only for the chemical industry and must necessarily take into account numerous economic, logistical, regulatory, and environmental criteria. The materials with which EFFAST manufactures its pipe and valve systems have excellent corrosion resistance and improve the performance of the system, also contributing to reducing its environmental impact.
cooling - EFFAST - 100% Made in Italy

building technology

The main sources of well-being and comfort in our homes are provided thanks to water and gas. When designing a system, consideration should be given to working with the best possible products and materials as the piping systems make the difference both in terms of durability and energy efficiency. EFFAST with its thermoplastic products guarantees not only the high lightness of its systems, but also a high chemical resistance.
Building technology - EFFAST - 100% Made in Italy
Swimming pool - EFFAST - 100% Made in Italy

swimming pools

The greater respect for the environment and the need to ensure maximum safety within its environments means that one of the main objectives of an aquatic center is the cleaning and disinfection of water. EFFAST supports, with its non-toxic piping systems and valves, the construction of highly efficient filtration and disinfection systems with respect for the environment.
Swimming pool - EFFAST - 100% Made in Italy

agricolture, irrigation

There are several solutions to expand and intensify the agricultural sector. To reduce the environmental impact, it is essential to obtain maximum performance from water treatment in order to use the least possible number of resources. Plants in the agricultural sector must also be designed to resist attacks by plant protection products that have a good ability to oxidize metals. No less important is the demand for cheaper products that EFFAST is able to satisfy thanks to its wide thermoplastic range.
Agriculture and irrigation - EFFAST - 100% Made in Italy
Smoke detection - EFFAST - 100% Made in Italy

smoke detection

For the detection of fumes EFFAST offers a range of 25mm or ¾” fittings and pipes in RED ABS, a very light material that is resistant both to chemical and atmospheric agents and to traction with good thermal stability.

Smoke detection - EFFAST - 100% Made in Italy