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EFFAST launches their BIM library at MCE Milano

EFFAST launches their BIM library at MCE Milano

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EFFAST launches their BIM library at MCE Milano

At the 2022 MCE Milano edition EFFAST launches the BIM library of their products: a new important tool which will surely be of support to all clients.

What does BIM stand for?

BIM stands for “Building Information Modeling” and is able to gather and supply to the BIM specialist a series of information related to the products of interest. The BIM model can provide you with:

  • graphic data (like drawings)
  • technical features (like performance data)
  • other kind of data (like commercial information)

Thanks to its information completeness, BIM stands apart from other tools used for 2D or 3D design, like CAD drawings. It is not a software, but rather a container of details and information, useful to the construction of a plant.

Advantages for BIM specialists

The BIM specialist, as a matter of fact, will be able to use not only renderings and designs, but also a detailed range of technical data and performances for every single BIM object present in the project.

The EFFAST BIM library will allow our clients’ BIM specialists to obtain as much information as possible about the products, and to make available any amendments to all involved workers in the project. By using the EFFAST BIM library, therefore, you can always rely on consistent and up-to-date information, and subsequently reduce the occurrence of mistakes during the different design phases.

Launch of BIM library at MCE

From June 28 to July 1 EFFAST will exhibit at the 42th MCE Milano edition. By visiting our stand (Hall. 14 – C72) it will be possible to see a demonstration of our BIM library, presented in absolute preview.

How to use BIM


Here under you will find a short handbook on how to use EFFAST BIM:

  • Download EFFAST BIM library from the section DOWNLOAD and, through the BIM modeling software, import the articles’ families inside your project.
  • Then open the project browser and drag the necessary articles inside the plant. Once you positioned them correctly, download and adapt to your needs the abacus to have all information at your disposal, in an easy and fast way.
  • Use the Abacus to manage and filter inside your BIM project all the date of the various articles or other features like sizes, phases, description, family, type, producer, ecc.

Are you interested in a BIM demonstration? Contact our technicians by writing at support@effast.com






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