Electric actuator 12V AC/DC


EFFAST’s actuators is a compact electrical actuator range for the control and regulation of ball valves or buttefly valves.

The new Effast Electric actuators works with a brushless motor.

The brushless motor is stronger, more efficient and with less maintenance than a brushed motor.

From 20 to 300 Nm:

  • 4 SPST NO Micro (2 motor stop and 2 confirmation)
  • IP67
  • Duty Rating: 75%
  • Visual control of operation
  • Automatic/Manual declutching
  • Emergency manual override
  • 360° Visual position indicator
  • Electronic torque limiter
  • Automatic indoor temperature control



  • Digital positioner 4-20 mA or 0-10V or 1-10V
  • Emergency fail safe kit system by battery