Pneumatic actuator double acting


Aluminium Actuators:

  • The Effast rack & pinion Pneumatic actuator produces linear torque output in a compact design utilizing the same body and end caps for double acting and spring return units.
  • Namur VDI/VDE 3845 and ISO 5211 dimensions on all size.
  • The standard angle of rotation is 90°.
  • The female pinion drive is standard with a double square output drive.
  • Shaft bearings isolate the pinion gear from the housing and support the shaft for high cycle applications.
  • The pinion teeth are engaged for the full length and stroke of the piston.
  • External open/closed indicator is standard.
  • All internal and external components are treated to increase corrosion resistance.
  • The stainless steel and cap fasteners are extra long to allow for spring relaxation.
  • Air pressure operation from 2 to 10 bar (40 – 150 PSI)
  • All units are permanently lubricated at the factory with non -silicone grease.
  • 100% of all units are factory pressure leak tested.
  • Atex II 2GD Approved