PVC-U pneumatic BK1 ball valve

Spring return and double acting


BK1 ball valve, ideal for heavy duty applications, chemical applications and water treatment, can be actuated with standard pneumatic actuators using the dedicated kit. The mounting flange is drilled according to standard ISO 5211.

Technical features:

  • Solvent welded sockets (ISO, BS, ASTM, JIS), threaded sockets (BSP or NPT), HDPE sockets or flanged
  • Nominal pressure (PN): 16 bar – 232 psi
  • Valve body designed to be actuated
  • Floating full bore ball locked in place on both sides.
  • Fully round ball smoothed by special turning machines.
  • Machined stem seat.
  • PTFE ball seat.
  • EDPM or FKM O-rings.
  • Potable water approval.
  • Marine Application approval.
  • CE approval.
  • The valves are manufactured with a PVC-U fit for conctact with potable water in accordance with regulation force in Italy, France, Germany, Holland, U.K. and Scandinavian countries.