PVC-U true union ball valve BK1



EFFAST PVC-U valve BK1 is a true union ball valve ideal for heavy duty applications, chemical applications and water treatment.

Technical features:

  • Solvent welded sockets (ISO, BS, ASTM, JIS), threaded sockets (BSPP or NPT), HDPE sockets or flanged.
  • Nominal pressure (PN): 16 bar – 232 psi.
  • Valve body designed to be actuated.
  • Floating full bore ball locked in place on both sides.
  • Fully round ball smoothed by special turning machines.
  • Machined stem seat.
  • PTFE ball seat.
  • EDPM or FKM O-rings.
  • Ergonomic handle with integrated tool for removing of union bushings and adjust the call seat carrier.
  • Potable water approval.
  • Marine Application approval.
  • CE approval.
  • The valves are manufactured with a PVC-U fit for conctact with potable water in accordance with regulation force in Italy, France, Germany, Holland, U.K. and Scandinavian countries.